Monday, 2 July 2012

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COMPLETE was founded in 1994 and specializes in the provision of IT services, developing complex technical solutions for the informational infrastructures of businesses across the Russian Federation.
Software Solutions

One of the company’s main activities is developing and implementing integrated solutions – based on the software of the world's leading companies – in enterprises with various levels of IT infrastructure complexity.
Complete holds partner status with vendors such as HP, Citrix, VMware, Oracle, Microsoft, ThinPrint, RSA, and Symantec. This enables us to be constantly abreast of innovations in the market, and to obtain new versions of software products immediately upon release. Partnership also provides the opportunity to directly consult with specialists from these companies.

Development and implementation of complex software solutions are produced in the following areas:

Infrastructure management and monitoring systems Complex monitoring tools and infrastructure management solutions deployed by Complete based on HP (HP openview nnmi, operations management, sitescope ), Microsoft, and nWorks products can solve all these tasks.
Such systems provide:
- monitoring of IT infrastructure and its performance;
- identification of problems in the functioning of IT infrastructure and awareness of these issues;
- optimization of IT Infrastructure

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