Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Quick Start Guide: Deploying NNMi 9.0

Deploying NNMi 9.0
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1. Validate processe (ovstatus)
2. Create a new user NNMi
3. Apply a license (nnmlicense.ovpl NNM -g / nnmlicense.ovpl NNM -f license.key)
4. Configure Communication  (SNMP read comunity string)
5. Configure Discovery NNMi
6. Tools Discovery Progress
7. Seed Discovery
8. Monitoring Configuration
9. Create custom puller collection
10. Trap Configuration (nnmincidentcfg.ovpl)
11. Action Configuration
12. Backup and Restore NNMi
13. Clean Traps from the NNMi database


Check status:
ovstatus -c 

Details of the jboss services:
ovstatus -v

Load sees file:
nnmloadseeds.ovpl -f seedfile

Disable dampening:
nnmsetdampenedinterval.ovpl -hours 0 -minutes 0 -second 0

Load SNMP MIBs into NNMi:
nnmincidentcfg.ovpl -u username -p password  -loadMib ./yoursMIBfiles.mib
nnmincidentcfg.ovpl -u username -p password  -loadTrap ./yoursTRAPSfiles.mib

Block unwanted traps:

Backup and Restore:

Configuration export and import:

Maintenance of traps (clean traps from NNMi database):
nnmtrimincidents.ovpl -u system -p mypassword -age 1 -incr weeks -origin SnmpTrap -trimOnly -quiet

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