Tuesday, 20 October 2015

HP Data Protector 9.04 now support VMware vSphere 6, VDDK6, and VVOL

VMware vSphere 6.0 Support
The release of 9.04 provides supports VMware vSphere 6, VDDK6, and VVOL’s:  HP Data Protector support for newvmware.pngVMware releases and underlying technologies means that customers can upgrade their virtual environments with the assurance that the interoperability between HP Data Protector and VMware vSphere exists, is integrated and has been tested/validated.

Migration guide from HPOM to OMi 10.01

HPE has updated the manual "OMi Operations Bridge Evolution Guide" that describes how to migrate form Hp OM (HP OMW, HP OMU, HP OML) to HP OMi software. The document provides a detailed comparasion of the functional software HPOM functionality with OMi functionality.
HP Omi 10 the first version meant to replace HPOM. HP OMi 10 can be considered the successor of HPOM. HP Omi can provide additional value:
  • Linkage to the RTSM
  • Modern, web-based user interface
  • Extended event automation capabilities including automatically assigning events to users and time-based automatic triggering event updates and actions
  • Multidimensional approach to calculating service health
  • Integration capabilities via the BSM Connectors or
  • Advanced topology-based event automation
HP offers an Operations Bridge License Exchange Program. It provides Operations Manager customers with an easy, standard way to exchange their HPOM Management Server, HPOM Basic Suite, Operations Agent/Operations OS Instance, Operations SPI and Reporter licenses to Operations Bridge Premium and OMi Management Pack licenses.